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cine app works Application is an application that allows the user to view movie repertoires in the cinema, as well as the ability to book tickets for them. Dark and clean, with a sleek and beautiful design and easy navigation allow users to easily navigate through the entire app.

Year: 2021

Job: UX/UI design
Type: App design









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cineApp design

Home page.

When the user logs in to the app, a home page appears showing movies that will be in the cinema or will be released in the future. The user has the option to swipe left or right to find out which movies are there as well as in which technology they are played. Clean navigation allows the user to easily navigate the entire home page and select a specific movie to learn more about.

Movie Page.

This page displays all the necessary information about the movie where a user can see information such as the trailer, description, actors, directors, and image gallery. The ability to easily scroll left or right makes all this information visible and easy to use. They can also choose to book tickets for it, which allows them to have everything at hand.

"What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional."

cineApp design