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AirMe website

AirMe Website

AirMe is a website of an airline company that allows users to book tickets for their desired locations. A clean website, easy navigation, and beautiful design allow users to easy find where they want to go, every information about their flight and tickets.

Year: 2021

Job: UX/UI design
Type: Web design








Nunito Sans

Regular, ItalicBlack


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Home page.

This page shows everything user wants to see, as ability to find their desired flight, special offers, last booking from that airlines, their top destinations and the ability to find out where in the world they can flight with AirMe. Clean design, easy navigation with a lot of space between the contents give a nice and beautiful look to the whole page.

Explore page.

When someone wants to know more about the city they want to go to, the research page shows everything they need to know, from the description of that city, what to visit there, as well as reviews of tourists with their picture from that destination, helping others find out what they can still see there.

Booking page.

As with any booking page, this page allows users to book tickets quickly. With just one click, people can choose which of the two classes they want to travel to, economic or business. They can also change flights from this page, as well as departure and return dates, without going back.

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."